Event of the millenium

On the 24th November 1981 the publishing house of  Borgen brought out a book called ’The Third Testament’. Earlier the same year, on the 8th March the author, Martinus, passed away having spent the previous sixty years writing.

Only after Martinus had passed away was the correct title of his life’s work officially revealed as The Third Testament. During his lifetime he thus camouflaged the real identity of his work. Interest should be directed towards the contents of his books, and not towards him as a person.

With the title Martinus establishes that his work is a direct continuation of Christ's mission. This continuation is described in the Bible* with which Western culture is so intimately connected. This is, of course, an extremely provocative assertion. But it should be fairly easy to tell whether the work is the result of a moral genius on the same level as Christ, or of a false prophet, because the books are fully available to everyone. Show us that we are wrong, and we will immediately close this website!

But ... why do we need a Third Testament? Can Christ’s message of love and the Bible’s Sermon on the Mount be improved? Can any person reach higher than the practical way of being which Christ demonstrated on the cross as he prayed for the forgiveness of his executioners?

The Third Testament explains life in logical chains of thought, which we ourselves can check with our reason. In this way the practical message of love is connected with our daily lives. The individual who acts in a good and caring way towards their neighbour is not naive, but wise!

  • The Bible’s claim that ’we reap what we sow’ must be understood as seen over several lives. What we do to our surroundings, we also do to ourselves in this or future lives. Why pursue an enemy who in reality cannot die?
  • Immortality and the formation of fate from life to life is a reality via our invisible eternal I which survives every organism and takes all the experiences with from life to life.
  • The Bible’s claim that ’everything is very good’ is confirmed in the light of the eternal world plan. At this highest perspective life is an eternal passage through the cycle of lightness and darkness. Suffering is just a temporary state - life’s dark contrast - which brings us quickly back to God, universal love and the real life.

It is of course up to each individual themselves to examine whether there is reality behind the Bible and origins of the other religions. You can start by reading a short introduction , share your thoughts and ask whatever you want to know in the Forum, or contribute in other ways with complaints or shouts of hurrah. This is a neutral non-profit information portal, so we are happy to help you!

The Third Testament Foundation

*(Joh. 16:12-13 og Joh. 14:25-26)